Municipal lotteries are lotteries which are conducted within a municipality. It is the municipality in question which grants the permit or registers the permit.

Who may be granted a permit or registration

Non-profit associations which as their principal purpose have the promotion of objects that are of public benefit may be granted a permit. The association may not refuse anyone membership and it must be in need of an income from a lottery for their activities.


An association may after having been registered by the municipality arrange lotteries for a maximum of twenty price base amounts during a three year period. The municipality is responsible for monitoring the lottery.


Non-profit associations can also apply for a permit to organize lotteries. This is usually only the case if the stakes in all the lotteries arranged by the association exceeds twenty price base amounts.

Lotteries without a permit

A non-profit association does not need a permit to arrange a lottery if the lottery is organized in connection with a function or gathering arranged by or participated in by the organization and the lottery is conducted solely within the area intended for the function or gathering. Set limits for stakes and winnings are to be applied.

It is also possible for other than non-profit associations to organize lotteries without a permit, e.g. in connection with a public amusement event. In these cases it is conditioned that the stakes and winnings are low and that the prizes only consist of goods or services.