About 65 people work at the Swedish Gambling Authority, which is located in Strängnäs. We have expertise within law, economics, IT, as well as other fields.

A board appointed by the government manages and holds full responsibility for the Authority. The Director General, Camilla Rosenberg, is a member of the board. The Board makes decisions on overall matters such as responses to referrals, reports, regulations, decisions on guidelines and some important decisions on new lotteries and gambling services.

The Swedish Gambling Authority consists of three departments: The
Operational Department – licensing and compliance, the Department of Administrative and Legal Affairs and the Communication Department.

The operational department is responsible for licensing and compliance within the following fields:

  • Casino games, restaurant casinos and poker
  • Gaming machines and amusement games
  • Illegal gambling
  • Betting on sports games, horses and dogs
  • National lotteries
  • Bingo
  • Svenska Spel’s lotteries and numbers games

Administrative and Legal Affairs are responsible for finance, human resources and legal expertise. They also handle the support functions such as the switchboard, reception, registry, archives, information technology and security.

The Communications Department is responsible for all external and internal communications. The department is also responsible for marketing and business intelligence.

In addition to this, there is a special function by the name of Social Consideration and Risk Minimization, which works strategically as well as long-term with issues concerning the risks associated with gambling.

We also have fee-paid inspectors who are active throughout the country. There is always at least one inspector involved at the drawing of the lotteries to ensure that everything is conducted correctly. Our inspectors visit different gambling locations to ensure that all gambling is conducted as it should be and that no illegal gambling is taking place.