Bingo is a game which is conditional on the participant being present on the location of the game and there purchasing a bingo card. The possibility of winning depends on whether the numbers drawn agree with the number on the bingo card. The winner must claim his or her prize immediately. Bingo is often played in large venues. In Sweden we play three different varieties of bingo: variantbingo, automatbingo and storbingo.

Online bingo is not considered bingo according to the law. The Swedish Lotteries Act considers it a numbers game.

Who may be granted a permit?

Permits are granted to non-profit associations which as their principal purpose have the promotion of objects that are of public benefit. The association may not refuse anyone membership and it must be in need of an income from a lottery for their activities.

Who grants the permit?

The County Administrative Board grants permits for lotteries. Permits are granted for three years at a time. We grant permits if the bingo game is conducted in several counties at the same time or if the highest prize amounts to more than a Price base amount.  

Type approved bingo cards and monitoring equipment

Bingo cards and technical equipment used in connection with bingo games need to be type approved.

We publish recommendation for permits and for the monitoring of bingo games.