One of our main tasks is to reduce the number of illegal lotteries and gambling operations. We are, however, not permitted to investigate suspected crimes ourselves. Instead we are to inform the police and prosecutors about our suspicions, mainly through police reports. In addition we arrange training and educate other authorities about the legislation concerning gambling and lotteries.

The Gambling Authority may also issue bans in order to reduce illegal gambling and lotteries. Said bans may be issued to natural or legal persons who do not have the proper permits to arrange a lottery for the general public. A ban may also be combined with a fine, or a so-called penalty. If a ban is issued and complied with, the person will not have to pay the penalty. However, if the ban is not complied with the person may be sentenced by the administrative court or the district court to pay the penalty. The Gambling Authority may not itself sentence anyone to pay the penalty, only a court may do this.