The gambling law (SFS 2018:1138) makes some parts of the gambling market open to competition, operators can therefore apply for licences. A licence is required when offering gambling for money.

The gambling regulations in brief

The gambling market is divided into the following parts:

  • one part covering online gambling and betting
  • one part covering gambling that has a public benefit, such as lotteries and land-based bingo
  • one part that is controlled by the Swedish state, such as land-based casinos and token machines

Some important considerations in the gambling law

  • A gambling operator that has been granted a licence must protect players from excessive gambling, referred to as “duty of care”. This should include monitoring behaviours and, as necessary, helping players to limit their gambling.
  • A bonus may only be offered by a licence holder on the first gambling occasion.
  • The Swedish Gambling Authority is hosting a web-based system where all players can exclude themselves from all registered gambling at license holders.
  • The Swedish Gambling Authority can request the blocking of payments and can determine that an online operator must display a warning message on websites that are not licensed in Sweden.
  • A new criminal offense, cheating at gambling, has been introduced to deter match fixing.
  • Betting is forbidden on events featuring young people under the age of 18.
  • Marketing of gambling must be moderate and not be specifically targeted at people under the age of 18 or individuals who have excluded themselves from gambling.
  • Licensed operators must pay a tax of 18% on the profit they make on gambling in Sweden. Gambling that has a public benefit shall remain free of tax.

Applying for a licence

Application documents are available on our website. All documents and information are in Swedish: Licenser & tillstånd- Spelinspektionen

Points to consider when applying

An application and all relevant documentation must be in writing and translated into Swedish.

Applications will be processed once the application fee has been paid.

The Swedish Gambling Authority will not provide advance information on how an application will be assessed.

The sooner a complete application is submitted, the quicker it can be decided.

A licence will only be awarded to:

  • Someone who has the knowledge, experience, and organization required to operate the business.
  • Someone who can be assumed to operate the business in accordance with laws and regulations applicable to the business, and who is otherwise considered to be suitable to operate the business.

According to the gambling law and regulation, licences will not be awarded for:

  • Betting on events in which the predominant portion of participants are under the age of 18.
  • Betting on events or activities that are offensive or inappropriate from a public point of view.

Regulations and guidelines