• All documentation that forms a part of the application must be in Swedish or have been translated into Swedish, and it is the party who is applying who is responsible for the translation being correct.

Always read our FAQ, as well as the information in application forms and our instructions.

Licence applications via the web service

IMPORTANT: Read the instructions in the respective application form which can be found below. When the application is submitted via the Swedish Gambling Authority’s web service, the form Signature by an authorised signatory must be printed out, signed, scanned in and then attached with the application.

Applications will receive a registration number, which we will notify you of. State the registration number on the payment slip/bank transfer, and when contacting us about the case. If after submitting your application you have not received a response with the registration number, promptly contact us.

An application will not start to be processed until the application fee has been received. 

If the Swedish Gambling Authority decides to issue a licence, the licensee will be invoiced a fee for supervision

Further information about fees and their payment can be found here.

Supplementation of the application already submitted

Send any supplementation by e-mail. However if you have extensive supplementations it is best to send them in on a USB memory stick or similar media. Mark the supplementation so that it is clear what information/documents the supplementation covers. Always state the registration number for the application which the supplementation relates to.

Change in a licence

Changes can only be made to the following types of licences:

  • Commercial online gambling and betting
  • Non-profit lotteries
  • Swedish state casinos and lotteries

Reports of or an application for a change is made on the same form as for an original application. For other licences, in the event of a change, a new application must be filed.

Change in the group of persons who have been assessed for suitability

A change that concerns a natural person or legal entity (holding company or parent company, Board of Directors, senior management, representative) must be notified to the Swedish Gambling Authority within 14 days (Chapter 4, § 11 of the Swedish Gaming Act), on the form Notification of change relating to a natural person or legal entity pursuant to Chapter 4 of the Swedish Gambling Act PDF