Published: 5/8/2018

A lot has happened since our latest report dated 26 February 2018. The Swedish government has presented its bill in which it is proposed to the Swedish parliament that the first date for submission of license applications to the Swedish Gambling Authority shall be 1 August 2018. The government has also announced that the Swedish Gambling Authority shall receive additional funds of SEK 19 million, in addition to the current level of financing of around SEK 51 million.

We are now working intensively to get everything in place. Above all, we are focused on producing application documents and guidelines for those wishing to apply for licences. New versions of instructions for the Swedish Gambling Authority has been sent out for referral with final comments was to be submitted by 7 May. We are also recruiting new staff.

Due to the tight time schedule (where we must wait for a decision by parliament concerning the new gambling law on 13 June and then after that for the government regulations) we will focus our resources on publishing information on our website as soon as new information is available.

We will therefore continue to keep everyone informed via our website and in our newsletter.

Camilla Rosenberg

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