Published: 11/30/2018

The Swedish Gambling Authority today announced its first decisions regarding the awarding of gambling licenses.

"This is a historic day for gambling in Sweden. I am very proud that staff at the Swedish Gambling Authority, working under severe pressure and with completely new legislation, have now reached decisions regarding the first licenses,” says Camilla Rosenberg, Director General of the Swedish Gambling Authority.

The authority has received 95 license applications to date, of which more than 70 concern activities in the highly competitive online gambling market. However, the figures do not provide the full picture of the number of brands involved because an application may be filed by a company that has many brands.

"Because one of the objectives in reforming legislation was to achieve high channelization, it is gratifying that many gambling companies that are currently targeting the Swedish market want to be part of the new licensing market next year," says Camilla Rosenberg.

Companies receiving licenses today

Today, 16 gambling companies have received approval of their license applications. These licenses will come into force on 1 January 2019. Read the list of successful applications here.

More decisions on the way

The decisions announced today are the first in a series of decisions that will be announced.

"We will continue to make decisions so that applicants who submitted applications in good time will receive notification over the next few weeks, depending on the complexity of the case," says Patrik Gustavsson, Head of Operations.

The authority has also granted licenses with a shorter period than the maximum five years.

“In cases where we consider we must monitor a company extra carefully, we can grant a license for a shorter period. For example, if infringements have been made in other markets in the past,” explains says Camilla Rosenberg.

Restrictions on betting

The decisions regarding the first gambling licenses also indicate that further steps are being taken in the battle against match fixing, an area where the Swedish Gambling Authority will play a coordinating role. Gambling companies must adapt to the following restrictions, among others:

  • Betting is not permitted on events where the majority of participants are under 18.
  • Betting is not permitted that is offensive or inappropriate from a general point of view.
  • Betting is not permitted in areas that will be subject to forthcoming regulations regarding prohibition of match fixing.

It will now be the responsibility of license holders to comply with these restrictions, while the Swedish Gambling Authority establishes regulations in this area.

Self-exclusion and responsible gambling

Licensed companies are obliged to join, the Authority's national self-exclusion system. Read more about

Companies should also place three logos at the top of their websites, so that consumers can easily access tools that will help to better control their gambling. Read more about the responsible gambling logos.

Self-exclusion and responsible gambling logos are two of the many important components in the construction of a safer gambling market.

If you would like to interview Director General Camilla Rosenberg, Head of Operations Patrik Gustavsson or Match Fixing Coordinator Katarina Abrahamsson, please contact:

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