Published: 5/9/2017

The chair of the government committee on the future regulation of the gambling market, Håkan Hallstedt, Director General of the Swedish Gambling Authority, has March 31st submitted his report “En omreglerad spelmarknad”, SOU 2017:30, (A re-regulation of the gambling market) to the Minister for Public Administration Ardalan Shekarabi. The contents of the report are now referred for consideration to relevant authorities, advocacy groups and the public until August 4. Here is a list of all whom have officially been asked to submit a reply, but the referral is an open process where all citizens, organizations and companies are welcome to participate.

A summary in English of the inquiry, which proposes a comprehensive reform of the regulation of the gambling sector, is provided from page 45 to 71 in the first of the two books.

The inquiry chair's assignment was to submit proposals for a new regulation of gambling based on a licensing system in which all operators on the Swedish gambling market are to have the appropriate permit – a license. This new gambling regulation is to promote gambling that is healthy and safe, that has a high level of consumer protection and that has a transparent regulatory framework. Furthermore, the regulation shall help to limit the negative consequences of gambling.

For further information about the gambling market in Sweden, please see the Swedish Gambling Authority’s reports here: